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Marked JW (Jerry Wallace)
Lady Leg Peacock Curb Bit
Hercules Bronze Bit - NEW
Marked Pierce (Don Pierce CO)
Silver Mounted Curb Bit
Marked Crockett
Silver Concho-Brass
Engraved Curb Bit
Marked Star Steel Silver
Engraved Curb Bit
Marked Cr.-Ren.
Silver Concho-Brass
Mouthpiece-Curb Bit
Marked Crockett
Mounted Silver Concho Curb Bit
Marked Star Steel Silver
Engraved Long Shanked Curb Bit
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Marked Ricardo-Nickel Silver
Old handmade brass and
silver and copper mounted
lady leg bit-prison ???
Buermann silver shield bit
Marked  Silver Tipped - M F G
Silver overlay
Silver inlayed rope, iron curb bit
Buermann or Larios ??
Kelly Bros marked Iron curb bit,
Silver overlay
Marked Powder River, Silver
overlay, iron curb bit
Marked Pierce fancy flamingo new curb bit
unmarked silver mounted iron heart
diamond bit with half breed and roller
Silver buttons on
a spoon spade
shanked bit
Buermann  rare double ring
Globe iron bit, Mkd w/star
Early silver overlaid halfbreed
bit. Fairly rough.
Early scalloped iron overlay
prison bit
McChensey silver
mounted curb bit
NEW four inch spade
silver inlaid