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Marked G Bianchi #260
Canon City Style
Brass & Silver & Copper
Inlayed Rowels Double Mounted
Marked Pollard  #68
Copper & Silver Overlay
Double Mounted-Longhorn on other side
(More History Available)
Marked McChesney (under button)
Grimmet Specials
Marked KB & P
Silver Overlay
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Marked small crockett and one
inside heelband Booger Reds
Unmarked Buermann
iron spurs w/ old straps
excellent condition
Unmarked Buermann
double button w/ old straps
Unmarked, handmade iron
spurs w/ unusual rowels
Jack Ferguson marked JF ccsc
Double inlaid MONSTER pair
1 1/2 inch bands, 8 inch long
Marked Garcia Elko Nev. On
silver mounting-European
Rodeo Assoc. 2nd place
1980 bullrider
Brass horsehead spurs marked
w/ Anchor-North & Judd
Great cowboy spurs
Marked McChesney under button
single overlaid bronc spurs
Large double mounted silver inlaid
spurs marked Kress
hand forged spurs
possibly prison made
Marked B Slawson
Marked Garcia silver mounted
Cheyenne split heelband double
silver mtd. No maker Qualey?
Mkd inside Crockett thunder
bird spurs. Nice condition
Mkd inside McChesney silver
mtd spurs. Rowels filed on
Mkd KB&P Four heart spurs
Marked Kelly Bros
Gal Legs
Mkd Kelly Bros spurs.
Nice condition
Marked CL Rodgers 207
silver & copper overlaid gal leg
New Condition
Marked Gary Hakes
Cottonwood AZ
Silver overlaid double
shown in July 1998
Western Horseman
Marked Kelly bros Chihuahua
spurs with old replaced rowels
Marked KG Adams 317 PBL
silver overlaid spurs one button
missing the mount
Marked Monty Clark Aladdin Wyo
gal leg overlay &  inlaid silver
spurs 32 spoked 3 inch rowels
Kelly sterling silver, some 14K gold  
Double mounted Mint condition
Excellent Kelly Bros mrkd spurs
Rare marked K & C
Real nice Kelly Bros marked
spurs with extra large rowels
Rare pattern Buermann spurs
marked patent & star with the
AB inside